Our design inspiration builds on the principles of classic golf course architects such as Harry Colt, Tom Simpson, John Morrison and Bernhard von Limburger
all of whom were prolifically active in the early part of the 20th Century.
Both Dr. Hendrik Hilgert and Frank Pont have an extensive knowledge of the work of these world-renowned architects.

The principles can be found in our restoration work at old, world-class golf courses such as Falkenstein, but also on our new-builds such as Patting.

Harry S. Colt

If there is one architect whose work IVGD knows intimately, it is Harry Colt. Over the years, we have worked on almost thirty of his courses, from links to heathland, from woodland to downs.

Having worked on almost thirsty of of his courses and studied many more, we at IVGD regard Colt as an expert craftsman who was extremely consistent in the quality of his work and the execution of his design principles. Throughout the history of golf architecture, there may perhaps have been architects who were more artistic. But if our life depended on the success of a routing and we had been around to influence matters, we would have had Harry do it.

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Bernhard von Limburger

Bernhard von Limburger is undoubtedly the most successful and most skilled German golf architect that ever lived. He admired and studied the work of the British golden age architects such as Harry Colt, Alistair MacKenzie and Tom Simpson and adopted key elements of their design philosophies. Spanning 5 decades from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, von Limburger designed or re-designed around 70 golf courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Many of Germany’s top golf courses to this date were either designed or re-designed by Bernhard von Limburger. His best-known courses probably are Cologne-Refrath, Hubbelrath and Club zur Vahr.

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John Morrison

The fact that John Morrison is one of the lesser known architects who worked for Colt & Co does not make him any less interesting. He was quite literally a larger than life person, who was not only a great sportsman excelling at football, cricket and golf, but also a bomber pilot in WWI and one of the first to land a plane on an aircraft carrier.

Morrison did most of the travelling around Europe for Colt & Co and worked with Colt on such great courses as Kennemer, Falkenstein, Eindhoven, Frankfurt and Stockholm. In his latter years, as the last surviving member of the partnership, he became Managing Director of Colt, Alison & Morrison.

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Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson is probably one of the most creative golf course architects to have ever lived. Many of his best courses are so original and are laden with so much strategy and variety that they are a joy to play. Couple that with his very subtle and organically undulating greens and you have a recipe for greatness.

At IVGD, we love restoring the many little intricate details of Simpson’s courses, be it his trademark lace edged bunkers, his highly irregular green shapes or the complex strategies of his holes that have been lost through the passage of time or tree growth.

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